a little voice from the past...

its me. i've been gone for ages... but i'm back. i reread some of my old posts and decided it would be a good idea to continue. something to keep me grounded and focussed and looking inward at the same time.

well... what have i been doing? i spent some time in india and nepal. i been hanging out in the 13th century (springfield - my ma and step dad are all enviro'mental' and don't have mainspower or a water connection or a phone... so generator power anda water tank and no internet equals the 13th century) ruby and bonney have had pups. and i've moved to footscray.

for now the photos of all this are at flickr. i need to change the settings on my laptp to allow for the photos pop up window to pop up.

what do i plan to do? sew and get crafty. i might even post some of the creative writing bits that have been popping out of my head lately.

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