3 things

3 good things about being in melbourne.

:: lygon st. (which really means pizza and the dendy and the readings bookshop)

:: clouds. canberra doesn't get so many clouds and i realised driving down on sunday that i will appreciate having clouds again.

:: beautiful friends.

3 crap things.

:: wind. my mum's house is on top of a very tall hill. it is so windy outside some days its like having your head out the car window on the freeway.

:: no net connection. when i get back from india and nepal it will be the first thing on my list.

:: travel time. it is a good hour to get anywhere from my mum's place. anywhere being melbourne (but it does afford some excellent time for very loud very bad singing in the car...!)

3 canberra things i will miss.

:: beautiful friends.

:: a boy i met the same day i decided to move back to melbourne. (the very day!shhhh... its a secret)

:: nature. (nara park. birds in the morning. driving to work over the kings ave bridge at 7 am. winter. mt ainslie)

3 canberra things i won't miss.

:: hume hwy.

:: road traffic noise. (limestone ave & antil st)

:: heat.(the constant unchanging temperature)

3 things i'm looking forward to...

:: india and nepal (2 more sleeps!!)

:: macbeth. (bell shakespeare - its my favourite shakespeare play. i wrote my honours thesis on it. i've never seen it live before and i'm very excited)

:: pizza down lygon st.

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