punk boy on the train

he boldly plonked himself down beside me letting his leg crash against mine. after the initial annoyance i smiled quietly inside myself. it was a challenge of sorts. provocative. i left my leg exactly where it was. right up against his. he was tired. he looked worn out. i loved the straightness of the edge of his cut off jeans. not so homeless after all? his head, with its perky mohawk fell forward between his shoulders. his hands dropped between his knees. we swayed with the train but still his leg was fast up against mine. i could smell him. typical boy smell but not covered up with supermarket deodorant. his music player was as loud as his boy smell. his leg never left mine as the train jerked and swayed. he rose as we pulled into west footscray. i was slower to my feet - enjoying the peace of sharing a seat with the punk boy on the train. we disembarked. i turned left to go round through the gate to my car. punk boy on the train vaulted clean over the fence leaving me with a smile.

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