pilot the parlimentarian

pilot the parlimentarian, originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.

I'm gonna blog my photos from my favourite set on flickr.

This is the earliest one. Its my Pilot and some guy I used to love. We were lazing about on the lawns of Parliament House. The weather was kinda warm and humid... late summer? It was late in the afternoon, as you can kind of see from the trees in the background. I added this photo to a group that was eventually used in an exhibition in NY.

I like it. It reminds me that photography is not all technical. Sometimes it really is whatever the shutter sees that can capture the moment.


Dave ~ said...

I'd vote for Pilot.

Pilot for PM!

Hey, can you still do that? Lounge around on the grass? For some reason I thought they stopped that, or is it only during sitting time?

Yeah, good one Dave, really nice photo and ask about politics....

I'll get me coat.

kris said...


Not sure... I haven't been up there for ages but I think you can. I do see people walking up there when I am on my way to work... I think it was just during the pointy bits of the war.. I think they were afraid people would write 'no war' or something... that would have been a little embarrassing! And incredibly cool!