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I work at The Liberry. I'm acting in a special collections area where I get to assist in the purchase of art, photographs and watercolours and paintings and etchings and pastels and even the odd photocopy... I really love what I do. I guess it is possible to say it is the thing I want to do when I grow up. It is certainly the only thing keeping me in Canberra at this point in time. Tomorrow I find out if I get to stay on. I really want to stay. It is great work. And with that I fear returning to my old job cataloguing. It is boring and mind numbing and heart numbing. Especially in contrast to what I have had the opportunity to do in Pictures. I do know that if I go back things won't be evil bad... I will get to study more and apply for jobs in Melbourne and I have to focus on that.

But I really like what I'm doing now. And I don't want that to stop.


Wish me luck.


Lauren said...

Good Luck Kris!

Antoinette said...

Good luck. You have a really beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing your photos! (BTW, I think you left a comment on my blog last week... followed you over.)

kris said...


My day didn't go as planned. But thanks for your good wishes!

The alternative to the job I wanted doesn't suck so I'm not unhappy. I'm just a bit confused and disappointed I guess.

Looking forward to having more creative time!

Lauren said...

Awww...sorry to hear that. Does this mean job applications in Melbourne?

kris said...

Yeah... I am looking. There are a few special collections jobs going that I want to apply for... so we'll see. For now though its back to cataloguing books!