Day 3

More India adventures...

Feb 4 2006

The train arrived at the bottom of the mountain at 11 am. Sunny. Warm. It was amazing to wake up in the morning on the train - cool air rushing past. I sat in my sleeping bag at the window for ages watching the world get lighter. The passengers coming to life around me. We passed fields and trees and small towns and every crossing we raced past had groups of people waiting to pass. Rural India was busy early.

After some negotiation by Experienced Traveller we hooked up with a jeep and when it was full (and I mean nose to nose...) we heading off up the mountain for the craziest drive I have ever been on (discounting of course being on a motorbike with my dad - more on that some other time perhaps). It was a full tilt hurtle up the mountain and there were times when I made the decision to shut my eyes and think of pretty things. Monkeys sat roadside amused I'm sure at the wide eyes humans whipping past trees and busses and vehicles. Finally after 45 mins or so we pulled up in the parking lot - it was a bus station but had all kinds of vehicles. There were also horses. My first view of the curly eared paints blew me away. It did not look natural but it was.

Our first objective was to locate the Shree Ganesh hotel. The colours and the view were brilliant.

After a shower and unpacking we headed out for a walk around the town and the lake and met a girl called Amy from New York. She was a bit sick so we helped her get to a doctor. We walked up to the world renowned and highly famous (according to the locals) Toad Rock. (Seen in the distance in the following shot)

Dinner that night was in house at the Shree Ganesh. Omlette and finger cheeps.

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