Busy busy

SATURDAY I flew to Melbourne for a few days. I usually drive so flying was a bit of an indulgence!

My ma picked me up and went drove directly to Bendigo for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition. Which was amazing. Over 100 gowns to marvel at. Bendigo is such a gorgeous town. There is a row of shops opposite the gallery (on View St of course) with a few great little cafes and junk shops and it is well worth a visit. The Bendigo gallery is another sort of paradise altogether. And the shop... oh the shop...

Saturday night was Squeeze's 30th... and a mini secondary school reunion of sorts.

SUNDAY I photographed Grace and Harrison's christening in Woodend. The weather was gorgeous and the babies behaved so well. The service was painful. I have very little experience of such events and can't imagine why people would put themselves through it... particularly on a Sunday when there are bacon and eggs to be had.

After the christening I got a train to Melbourne and a tram to St Kilda were I saw Gomez and The Black Keys. It was the 3rd time I have seen Gomez and the first for the Black Keys. They were very loud for two little hairy guys from Utah.

MONDAY morning was spent in transit. From Coburg to the city, I stopped at SLV for some internets. Then got the train to Woodend to my mum and my aunty and a friend for lunch and a spot or 7 of shopping.

Monday evening I had dinner with my stupid father who told me he'd given up family night at home with his gf and her kids to meet me so I should be grateful. (The following is a photo taken of my dad before he was an arse... but not much before)

TUESDAY I woke up at Springfield still scratching my head from dinner and wandering slowly about the house taking it easy. The afternoon was going to be hot and I needed to conserve energy to get to St Kilda and see Gomez again. Twice! As it turned out...

WEDNESDAY started with a tram ride down Sydney road to 3a where I had breakfast with Gypsy (and Pauline of course!!)

On my way to the airport I stopped in Melbourne and went to Kimono House and Clegs to get my hands on some gorgeous fabric and braid. I can feel some creating coming on..

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