Today was the 40th Birthday celebrations for the National Library. It began with a gathering in the foyer, a few nice words by the Minister and a cake cutting, (actually it was more like a stabbing and a slashing action if you'd like to picture it in your head - then picture Peter Garrett white, lost for words, blinking at the hundreds of people clapping to support of our DG in her comment that his method of cake cutting in no way resembled the Labour Gubberment's budget cuts... in no way at all... let's just say the staff could identify with the cake...). To mark today's milestone a panel was held in the theatre with 6 past staff members recounting to the gathering tall tales and true of the move to the new building from the more than 14 sites around Canberra. The highlight was the opportunity to study the various ways people say the word library. We all learn early on at school about the (silent?) r - as in LI BARY. The trick is to learn to spell it as libe-rary.

Anyway... a sample of the various methods of attack...

Lye-burry - by our director general. Which potentially makes me a lye-burrian... sounds painful and something more to do with spikey weeds than cataloguing.

Li-bri. A nice cheery lift towards the end. Li-brian. Hmm... what is that?

Li-berrie. Cute. Potentially sweet and juicy. Li-berrian. We might need a uniform of various shades of purple and only be allowed to drink ribena.

There were many more... luckily the event was recorded for posterity...

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Dave ~ said...

Lye berry is a little too close to nuk u lar. And we don't want to sound like Georgie-boy. Then we'd have to start sniffing coke and being DUI.....and who has the time?