The Painted Veil

Wow. What an amazing beautiful film. Looking up W. Somerset Maugham on wikipedia I discovered the it was a remake of a Greta Garbo film... so interesting.

What an amazing story. I guess for me I was more focussed on the portrait of marriage than the individuals. It can be a very lonely place whether you are in the deepest darkest depths of China or the Australian suburbs. I think Maugham dealt with this really well - the idea that maybe you need to go out of yourself to meet your partner halfway... something like that. Maybe I'm reading too much of my own stuff into it but I really was moved by the bind they got themselves in as a couple and how they managed to unbind themselves. Edward Norton is amazing. His poise and his anger were perfect for the role. Naomi Watts was great too - I have never really liked her I found her too much like Nicole Kidman in her mannerisms and her voice to take her seriously. However this role really took me away from that image of her and I was totally engrossed with the story and the visuals. When it ended I was shocked to find it only went for two hours! I could have sat there for another two hours in that place with them. The scenery was incredible. maybe the film wouldn't hold up to too much scrutiny but the chemistry between Norton and Watts as well as the landscape made it a perfect film for me. Grand and visual and engrossing!

I must read the book.

The official website has a beautiful gallery of images.


Richard said...

Sorry, Naomi Watts has always been a better and more beautiful actress than Nicole Kidman and she and Nicole are never look-alike despite many people like you trying to demean and put her under Nicole's shadow because Nicole was more lucky and famous in Hollywood thanks to her marriage to Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman is not a standard of anything. Why not say Nicole follows Naomi's mannerisms and voice instead of the opposite?

Dave ~ said...

I haven't seen the movie, but have read a few of his books. I'd suggest Of Human Bondage - a rare book that lives up top it's hype. Subtle and powerful.

kris said...

Thanks. Will look into it. I just loved the story in the Painted Veil (I probably said that already right?) I'm very keen to check out more...

kris said...

Richard - I like that you are passionate, if not a little obsessed, but did you read what I wrote? I was personally put off by how similar they are on screen. She is just a woman doing her job. In the instance of The Painted Veil she did it well and I was moved to tears.

Your blog is creepy. I'm not adverse to admiring someone but posting pictures of their daily life and their children is not a good way to go about it. It is invasive and over steps the boundaries of being a fan. I was not impressed by your abusing me for having an opinion on a film - I love spirited discussion but that is not what you are doing. I don't give a rat's ring about Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman and I certainly am not trying to 'demean and put her under Nicole's shadow' what agenda could I possibly have?

I'm sure she is a very nice person but it is her films I am interested in - as I am sure she would prefer than having her daily doings plastered all over the net. What you are doing with your blog is wrong and invasive.