listen to little red

You should...

Seriously... how spiffy do these guys look?

And they are even better live! I've seen them twice now. Yes they are derivative and yes they sound like the Beach Boys and anyone else you can think of and yes they sing a lot of songs about girls but they are still themselves and they are doing something new with all those influences! The first time was at Ruby's Bar in Victoria supporting The Vasco Era and they were so amazing! What a great combination of sounds! The loud and gutwrenchiness of Vasco and the catchy pop sounds of Little Red made for a really dynamic night out.

And handclaps!

I never knew I was missing handclaps from my life until Little Red showed me the way... I was at the venue with two other female friends and each time a different singer came up to the mike we changed our minds about who our favourite was! The drummer appears to be playing in a whole other band by himself at the back there but somehow it all works.

My second time seeing them live was in Canberra at the ANU bar supporting The Panics in May. I purchased Get Ready! and it was the best $10 I'd spent that day! But how were they live, did they stand up to supporting a well-known popular band? Well... a few of us in the audience were trying to work out the strategic details of how to call the support back for an encore. The Panics were flat, proficient and clinical while Little Red were engaging and having fun and that translated to the audience so well - an exchange was going on between the audience and the band and it was so exciting to see. Little Red's first album Listen to Little Red will be out late next week!


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Anonymous said...

Ah little red. How could they ever be forgotten? Such beautiful boys, such fun.