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This photo is so very red. You can almost hear it glowing red when you hold a print of it in your hands. Last February in Kathmandu I found myself wandering the streets and came across a stall. The thrill I felt when saw it! I was feeling powerful that day. Alone in a new world. Wandering on my own. Aware. But not scared. I can remeber the people I spoke to. The street stalls. Cows. Rubbish. The street this stall was on was almost empty. It was almost as though I'd made the stall up on my own. So perfect. It was small. Only 2 meters wide at most. Beautifully colourful. On a table out front was strips and rolls of sari's. In ever colour. Mauve. Green. Deep purple. Orange. And red of course. Whatever suited your taste. With gold thread or silver threads woven through the silk and cottons. Some were machine stitched. Others were clearly handstitched. Maybe not lovingly. Maybe with only making money in mind - but so confidently beautiful. They had presence of their own. Like the red sari. It was one of the few complete sari's at the stall. hanging up to the righthand side of the door. I snapped 2 quick photos. I wasn't even sure if they'd work out. The design might not be interesting without the context of the entire piece. But later sitting on the steps of a soft drink stall sipping coke I looked through my shots of the morning. The others of the stall were over exposed. But the two shots of the red sari were clear and strong and vivid.

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