a one laundry basket kinda life

i sat this morning in the laundrette watching my washing go round and round in the dryer. mixed feelings. guilty because it was going to be a warm day today and i was drying my washing. pleased. smug. maybe a little fearful about the future - post election thoughts going round in my head like my washing in the dryer. will they deliver. will they change everything now they're in like peter garrett said (i hope so i hope they bring optimitism to replace the fear and make communities instead of households important again i hope i hope i hope i hope...) my washing was rolling and flipping rolling and flipping. it kinda does a half roll to almost the top of the dryer then it falls. the effect is an unpredicatable flashing of sheets and jeans and underpants. brown sheets. blue jeans and an aweful pair of pink underpants that i just love. (i hate pink. i would never had bought them for myself they were a birthday present from a friend and housemate who was disgusted at all my black and blue target undies.)

roll and flip and roll and flip.

i was feeling a bit shitty at the cost of doing 2 loads of washing and 1 load of drying - over $15! my idea of drying the washing on such a warm day was born of the fear of carrying the wet washing home. i wanted it dry and done. all in one basket. if it was wet it'd be heavy. i had no one to carry it for me. two baskets would mean two trips to the car. i looked at my washing basket at the foot of the dryer and i realised that i am now planning my day around what i have to do on my own. what is the least i can get away with doing. i've created for myself a one laundry basket kinda life so that i don't have to make two trips to the car.

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