Backlit wings.

Backlit wings., originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.

Things I want to remember that I learned and will probably forget :

Jeans are better when they have been dried with heat. They fit better and are less likely to gather around ones knees.

Having feelings for someone isn't profound. It just is. Enjoy it. (Not related to previous sentence)

Stop eating wheat. Being sneaky is only making me feel yuk. (Continuing to eat wheat will not counteract the jeans not fitting properly problem)

Study is fun. It is. It is not a chore. I have a lot to learn and won't by watching the entire West Wing boxed set for a 3rd time. Read stuff!

Hmmm. I think that is all I can remember for today.


Dave ~ said...

I'm sure there's something about never trusting a man who steals your purse or something.

I forget.

Anonymous said...

good company is good company.
hair behaves better when you treat it nice.
getting on with it, sees a lot more get done.