Perfecting the death stare since 1978

Man. This would have been around 1983. I am feeling so old right now. I fucking hated that dress but I was forced to wear it because my mother could (and still can) throw bigger tantrums than me.

I don't know to who the elbow on the right belongs but the hand and blue dress and lower face belong to Allison. She lived in my street 2 doors down.

I don't know who else was there. I have some vague recollection of the cake sprinkles being the long coloured ones and not 100s and 1000s. Disappointments come thick and fast at that age.

I don't think I was planning on punching someone, I suspect it is more likely I was holding something with my left hand.

Strange photo.


Dave ~ said...

Probably made some crack about Micky. That'd do it every time for a five year old.

kris said...

Ha! Yes... don't fuck with Micky...