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Dirty toe nails.

I have been sick. Not deathly sick but held up from life stuck sitting still sick. Penicillin allergy. Boring. Needless to say despite my best efforts I have been doing a lot of thinking... about 2009. I have an hypothesis that it has been one really shit arsed year. I know a few people who would agree... various events have got them down. For me personally it has been a year of confusion and disappointment... of staring things down as they come and hit me but not understanding why they are coming at all.

It is December 2009 and I feel myself stretching for New Years. Normally I don't give a toot. But for some reason it feels as though moving on to the next set of 365 days will some how end the onslaught that I feel like I have been under all year.

Am I heading in the right direction? Are my feet on the right path? Or should I stop worrying and relax so when things do hit me they don't hurt so much?


veritas said...

let it all go, i guess... that's the theory i often go with. relax, soft, gently letting it go.

not that it's easy. not that i'm much to talk.

i hope you get better soon, and here's to a much less foul 2010.

ps, jules, you, i. Drink + pervetimes. when you are better, we'll make this happen.

kris said...


Perving is totally good for the soul.

Am stretching towards new years...

Lauren said...

I agree! 2009 has been shite for me too. Hope 2010 is wonderful for us both!

kris said...

Same to you!

At least you will have another pair of feet to run around after! That is something to look forward to!