I declare 2009 the year of...

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hmmm... Shit?

The year of being pulled along by the Seat of your Pants? The year of Illness?

See I like to give my years these kinds of titles... I guess it is a way of drawing a line between one year and the next. 2006 was the year of Getting Independence (also known as the year of the Davids - Don't ask) 2007 was the year of Getting my Shit Together. 2008 might have been the year of Moving House.

So what should 2009 be?

I mean all a year is - is a row of days followed by another row of days right? The Chinese go in for the year of the Horse (when I was born... for example) and all that. They have declared 2010 will be the year of the Tiger. Some randon website says the for the Horse 2010 'might be one of the smoothest years for you. You will find bonds between your friends and relatives being built fairly easily. Keep a clear head when making decisions for you will find that plenty of decisions may sound similar to one another but with very different outcomes. You may also tend to overfeed yourself in the upcoming year so be sure to keep on a healthy diet and exercise regularly.' Ok. Over feeding is one of my favourite food groups... and it sounds like decision making will require some thought before I jump in... but I do like the sound of smooth. 2010 the Year of Smooth. Ok that sounds bad. It makes me think of hair grease. But I'm getting the idea.

So what was 2009 compared to 2010's potential? I seemed to be running to keep up and making a big mess. Spread to thin. Trying to reach too many goals maybe. trying my luck too much.

Might it then be the year of Being Out of Control? The year of Reacting? The year of Over Reacting? The year of Pie?

I think I shall call it... The Year of Disappointment. Not that I am saying all of it was bad... I got up to all kinds of fun stuff and there were some great gigs for example... I got to see Gomez live 4 times! I got to dance my butt off to Midnight Oil live again. I think the Disappointment comes in with the reaching for too many goals perhaps and not really having a direction in mind. I need to sit tight for a bit and work on things a little more rather that trying my luck all the time.

Hmmm... so this brings up the issues of New Years resolutions. Normally I don't bother. But I guess I want to be less fractured, less negative and I don't want to work so hard at pushing my luck all the time.

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