5 things I can't live without meme thinga

Florence fabric, originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.


1. My pets.

They are my homies. They sit on me when I am too hyped to relax. They yell at me to feed them when I am sitting in a puddle on the floor. They look after me. I like watching them when they are being silly.

2. My MacBook.

I love this thing. It is way smart and one day I will know all the cool things it can do. It lets me chat. It plays music. TV. It helps me with my homework and tells me the weather... so smart!

3. My Sewing Machine.

Hours of fun. I love making stuff. It is so satisfying. I can't wait til I can make some clothes and groovy things. So far I can only sew straight lines but I want to make skirts and wrap dresses and things like that.

4. My iPod.

I would love to nominate this thing for a Nobel Peace Prize.

5. Milo.

Ditto with iPod.


Dave ~ said...

What, no oxygen?

Am I being too literal?

I'm being literal, aren't I?

Me? I can't live without this video....


kris said...


I needed a laugh and spastic cats are ALWAYS funny!

Literal is good. I am immune to literal... having working with autistic people for a few years...