My head at gallery.

My head at gallery., originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.

I finished at the gallery. I quit. I threw in the towel. I ran away and hid.

It is the end of an era I guess. I started there two years ago when I moved back to Canberra. I wanted some human company and an artists coop seemed like the perfect place to be. The gardens are glorious is spring. The visitors are fantastic to talk to. The fire is perfect for relaxing in front of during winter. The veranda is divine in summer. Wrens pop around in the gardens and chickens and turkeys gad about in herds.

But I had to go. In two years it went from a quaint little group of people putting their wares in the shop. To... a quaint little group of people putting their wares in the shop. Nothing has evolved, Nothing has changed. Many of the items have been sitting there since long before I joined. Layers of dust building up. The items... I'm not really able to call it art... are uncreative... in short... the shine has worn orf. I could go on whinging about the inability to progress, to try new things, to experiment. And hence another person has dropped off the twig. I saw a few start and attempt change and loose heart in the time I was there. I finally gave up. It was time to move on. It is a weird feeling. Relief? Sad?

But at least I have some wicked pictures of chickens.

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