Muir Collection

Muir Collection, originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.

I have been given a short term project at work... sorting out this collection of children's books. The earliest texts are from the 1780 and so forth to now... all the items have something to do with Australia somehow... and my job is to put all 7600 of them into alphabetical order.

This is 20 times more fun than it sounds. I am so excited about all the cover designs. They are so beautiful and I do think some of them... or the style of the early 1900s items would make the most excellent tattoos. I will gather a good array of them to show exactly what I mean. Otherwise keep an eye out on my flickr site for more...


Dave ~ said...

I may be slightly perverse, but that sounds like good fun!

But this comes from someone who has his hundreds of DVDs in chronological order and his library grouped in genres, so, don't take my word for it.

I have noticed quite a few new books being released with retro looking covers - I'm all for it!

kris said...

Regarding retro covers... it is such a pity that book cover designers often do such shit jobs... so many covers are way over designed.

Retro is good design in so many cases!

byrd said...

Please do a for tattoos collection on here, i dont know your flickr (and i keep forgetting to read here on the regular). How do you not also read some of the books?

kris said...

I will!

I have a few images I can put up... will keep posting!!