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Its my 150th post! I know that is not a lot for a blog that is three years old but I am really pleased! It has been the craziest three years of my life!

This photograph was taken by my housemate earlier this year and I really love it. I have a huge smile on my face; which represents where I'm at in my life, I'm wearing my favourite t; which represents my musical and creative life (which contributes to the smile!!), my red necklace I got from India; representing my adventurist side and my luck (the trip was won by my beautiful friend who has been lost to me for a while now) and my brown cardigan represents my career as a Liburrian! And of course Pilot is my main guy!

So many things have changed since I started this blog. I began writing it because I needed to hang on to the good stuff and reflect on it and I think, sparse as it is, that process of reflecting and holding on has grown the good stuff into bigger and better things!

So yay!

Life is good!


Dave ~ said...

Yay indeed!

Well done in reaching the big wun fiddy, you old time blogger you.

I for one am damn happy that you started blogging, I do enjoy your insight and especially updates on Pilot (who I just want to have a good old wrestle with).

Even though I'm disappointed with the lack of talk about ninja monkeys, I look forward to the next wun fiddy.

kris said...

Ninja monkeys... hmm... I might have to use my powers of Librarianship to do some research and get back to you...!

Thanks for reading!

Lauren said...

Happy 150th post! Great smile :-)