The Handmade market

The letters for the sign, originally uploaded by r a v e n 78.

The Handmade market was a lot of fun. Snowpea got poached to take part in a fiber arts display festival thing in July and a weekend long music festival market next year - which was very exciting! We made lots of new friends and bonded with many an old duck over the doilys.

These are the letters for the sign I made. They look better here than on the sign - which I threw out already!

All in all it was a good day. The weather held and the food was good. The best bit (other than tons of cash!!) was watching the passing crowd.


Lauren said...

Glad to hear it was a success! More money for fabric! Yay!

Martine said...

why'd you throw out your sign?

kris said...

It was bog.

And it got a hole in it but I didn't mind cos I want to make a better one...