And you shall ask your self...

...should I or should I not ask?

Maton Tune, originally uploaded by Lam-T.

What I want to ask is why the emails stopped and where the CD is.

But I also want to ask why the cunt arsed lying bitch faced cunt prick lovely faced liar started emailing me with such warm regards in the first place when he has a real life girlfriend at home.

This is not the first time I have been on the other end of a sin of omission and it is making me very cranky.

(The photo is of a Maton and it is a very beautiful guitar)


Dave ~ said...

Cunt arsed lying bitch faced cunt prick lovely faced liar? Are you annoyed at him or something?

Sorry to be flippant. Ahhh, the 'omission' is all too easy in the cyber world is it not? Too many bastards out there think people's emotions are to be played with as if they were a character in one of their computer games (which they probably spend too much time on anyway).

It sucks arse, but it could be worse - I once met a lass who had been romanced on the internet, emails and even phone calls. He was finally going to meet her and she was ready to meet him at the airport when she got a phone call saying he'd been detained at US customs and needed $3K. He had supposedly transferred all his money into her account (she later found it hadn't cleared) so she sent it to him. When he called back 20 minutes later asking for another $10K she knew she'd been had. Three months! For $3K.

Anyway, I hope the tool gets what's coming to him (karma is a bitch) and you find a real person that's a real person.

kris said...

Hey Dave! I think you must be a sucker for a broken heart! Yeah I'm just getting tired of boys with attachments being the only ones to notice me! What is with that? Do I have safe flirt tattooed on my head?

We met at the National Folk Festy-vale a few weeks ago (see earlier creative writing post I made up the girl friend... it was an assumption on my part... imagine my fucking suprise! Cunt.) and he was all on his toes at me. Then he emails me out of the blue all 'lovely to meet you' and 'warm regards' (think country gent style... he's hot sorry can't deny that is what does it for me!) and then I find out he has a gf. Cunt.

$3K that is awesomely shite! Man men can be CUNTS!

byrd said...

its all light and air in here and then...wham.
i heart that 'lovely face' slips in.
and that infrequently as i visit, this um... theme... chap... is reoccurring.
hope your luck improves

kris said...

Its a theme! Seriously... three this year! It is not the same guy!