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What an amazing piece of art.

Am so glad he's won. It doesn't matter what he's like or if he's this or that - he inspires people. I'm looking so forward to seeing where this is going.


Dave ~ said...

Yay! Great poster. I think there a lot of hopes in his presidency, I don't think he can live up to them all, but it will be fascinating to watch. Let's hope with a man like this in the white house Americans can lose their dislike of intellectuals and replace it with something inspirational. We can but hope, wait and see.

kris said...

I think it doesn't matter if he achieves nothing else of import...

I know that sounds so lame. But it is a validation that anything is possible - in the face of history, in the face of racism, in the face of a fairly normal upbringing - he made it. If his presidency is peaceful and only manages to clean up after Bush he will has achieved some really good things. But I do think he will do more.

And I love that people have projected hope on to him - which means that they are still looking for hope and that is a great thing too.

He will do great things. Or at least we will enjoy hearing him talk about them!