Oh my god. Stuff. Umm... words? Tired. Sore. Arms sore. Head bustling with unsaid and unrealised ideas. Re-organised the SCOOP shop at Strathnairn last night and this morning... way to go to waste a long weekend. Well it wasn't a complete waste. The outcome was ok. We pulled everything off the shelves and dusted and wiped and then put it all back again in a new order with a new 'placement philosophy'. I decided not to invest too much of my energy into arguments with crazy women about the placement of socks and silver picture frames and pottery. How hard do you work to place mundane craft or art objects? Not too hard I decided.alf the work there is art and the other half is just stuff. I drove there (through quiet public holiday empty streets) with my gut all wound up prepared if need be to assist with the work but with draw my name from the group so as not to take any credit for the crap arsed job that was being done. But in the end it worked ok. I am not too worried about facing the hordes at the monthly meeting on Wednesday (there are about 16 of us - not counting multiple personality disorders). There will be whinging. But there will always be whinging and seriously... what can you do with tie dyed socks in an art gallery? Not bloody much!

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