the view from the couch

A new house!

Today I'm on the couch with a quilt and knitted blanket, 2 heat packs and my mac. Sick. Sniff. Cough. Sneeze. Sniff. It is bliss to be able to sit down after the last couple of weeks. There has been lots of organising, lots of planning, drawing up flyers, making invites, planning menus and packing boxes. Co-curating an exhibition, planning my 30th birthday and moving house. The new house was a complete suprise. It was born out of sadness for a friend but provides us both with a great new start. We have dubbed it the Tree House. The views out of every window look on trees! It is so peaceful. It wasn't until the last couple of days that I have realised how cramped and cooped up I have been living in other people's houses. I thought of it as some kind of trial that I had to endure to earn my life back after getting single. It has been nearly two years since I have felt free to stretch out. I have Pilot with me but the cats have been at Springfield since I left there last August on my little quest to get myself a life. I was at my last place in Downer for only three months and I spent just about every night in bed trying to keep warm and trying not to disturb the Occupant of the House. I paid half the rent and rented a room and a half. I wasn't allowed to put any of my furniture in the lounge room or shift anything about. I felt like a teenager again - in hiding from the freaky people in the lounge room.

But the Tree House will be different. Declared a democracy from the start the Tree House has a garden, a nice big kitchen, views into gum trees and has a place for Pilot. Who is relaxed and comfy for the first time in a couple of years! Tansi and Raven will be coming soon too! I have felt kind of like a mother who has had her children fostered out and knowing that I'm now setting up my own home with a good friend and that they are coming in a month or so I'm feeling like I am back on my feet finally.


Anonymous said...

Am so glad that you're happy! And excited that I can be a part of that - can't wait to tackle the garden! ;-)


kris said...

Hell yeah! We have new worlds to tackle girlfriend! (Like under the bushes out the front... and the roses...)

Lauren Williams said...

Yay for your new house! Hope you feel better soon x