Melbourne town

A few weeks ago, on the long weekend, I went to Melbourne. The point of the trip was to return my mother to Springfield and catch up with a few friends. After spending the Friday in the car listening to my mother whinge about E V E R Y T H I N G the entire way, Saturday was spent sitting in front of the fire reading... and eating (almost a whole packet of chocolate royals... E V I L!) The rabid eating was driven by the atmosphere at Springfield. Passive aggressive vs out right bitch... I don't know who won but I lost. My nerves were a mess. I was so angry and toxic and festy from their pointless war that I couldn't function.

Sunday... beautiful Sunday was spent in bliss wandering the streets and lane ways of Melbourne town listening to Radiohead and photographing the gorgeous graffiti. Then I spent lunchtime down Sydney rd with a posse of my wonderful friends eating eggs and bacon and drinking coffee. The afternoon was topped off by a visit to the Immigration museum to view the Kimono exhibition. It was so wonderful. Long waves of fabric, dyed and stitched, hanging down off of the kimono stands. The dedication to beauty and detail was a balm to my frayed edges. Such amazing work - my favourite decorative technique was the shibori dyeing to create the fawn spot pattern. Hundreds, sometimes thousands on a really special piece, of little stones are stitched up and bound in the cloth and the whole thing is dropped in the vats to be dyed. The effect is small circles or squares, depending on the stitch forming patterns across the kimono.

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Lauren Williams said...

Hey Kristy,
You should have dropped me an email so we could have caught up for a coffee! Sounds like you had a busy trip....Hope your well and work is good
Lauren xx