making out

Last Sunday I drove my friend H out to Strathnairn to see where my things are on sale. And they were almost sold out! So things are going well... I was even given the quiet suggestion that I might want to up my prices to give the other arty people a fighting chance to sell there things. So I spent the public holiday last Monday catching up and getting a few bags out the way.

This is my basic design idea. A strip of my favorite fabric combination set off by an offset row of buttons. My idea is that there will be some personality communicated through the placement of buttons... I want them to appear as though they placed themselves on the bag and didn't do the best job cos they were too busy faffing round.

I'm also a little excited by raw selvedges. I love to remember that the fabric was woven by someone (human or machine) and that my use of it is only 1 step in its life long process.

I'm also quite excited at the moment by old doily's. I love the idea of cropping them and adding them to a bag.

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