back in the saddle

So. Once again I'm starting a post with 'sorry - its been a while'. I'd like to say I've been busy or whatever but the reality is I just haven't been making good choices. I could spend the time writing a post but usually I just end up flicking through tv channels or buggering around. Well, here I am again. it's time to commit I think. I thought about deleting my blog. Just letting it go but I do really enjoy the time it gives me to process my daily doings. So I hereby declare my intention to make an effort. We'll see where it goes from there...

These photos were takena few weeks ago at the Canberra Show. A complete rip off - the entry fee was ridiculous and paying for parking on top of that did not leave me in the best of humours when I finally stomped through the gate. The smell of cows hits my nose and made everything alright. It's a smell I associate with home. then there were the Dahlias. I'm aprticularly proud of these shots - nothing technical going on here but I did an ok job with shit lighting - fluro in a shed during the middle of a hot sunny day.

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