christmas cards. i'm not overly passionate about the whole christmas thing. but i do like to get involved in way that doesn't buy into the traditional imagry. i want to let people know i wish them a great holidays for example but i don't want to post a whole heap of cards with irrelavent images of snowmen and fir trees - particularly when its 42 degrees outside.

so here are my christmas cards. at first i was thinking about my photos and doing something cool with them... basically destroying them and stitching them down to pre-made card stock. i'd fold them and scrunch them and rub them on the carpet.

then i spied an old painting of mine that i wasn't all that happy with...

i ripped the canvas off the frame. and tore it into strips about 3 or 4 inches wide. these i then ripped into smaller parts - i used these for the front parts of the cards and all the smaller bits i stitched onto manilla gift tags from the local newsagent. they look great. i now have matching cards and tags. i plan to wrap the presents in brown paper. very simple. very stylish.


catcurl said...

I agree about the type of cards, but unfortunately this year I will once again be guilty of sending the traditional cards, albeit with a few Aussie animals on it! Love your cards and tags by the way :)

t-da said...

love it, bet it was liberating letting go off an old art work.

t-da said...

Hi Kris, i couldnt find your email,anyway i had trouble uploading the button this time too, and ended up copying it from my last entry, so not sure about that one.
if you click on the time of your post(at the bottom of the post)you will get a direct link to that post, copy the link in the address panel and paste in the whiplash thingy.

hope that helps
cheers tiff

t-da said...

send me your email and i will email you the link I used