a list of things to do...

make christmas cards and gift tags - need to buy watercolour paper from art store

farmer's market

go to jones' and get hamper goodies for presents - need to buy baskets for hampers (olive oil, chocolate, coffee, honey, jams, tea...)

wash dog person

tidy up - everything! (house inspection next week) (shower, bathroom, laundry, shed)

take vacuum clear powerhead back to shop for 'assistance' - it needs more love than i know how to give it

design somekind of packing regime (i know - it sounds autistic of me but my boxes are going to be spread all up and down the hume hwy in the next month so i need to label them appropriately)

burn cd's - for double ups (for me and for the boy)

photograph some paintings for a gallery on my blog (a review of some of the crafty things i been up to in the last coupla years)

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Kara said...

U can do it! Just one step at a time. Can't wait to have you back in Melbourne!:)