a stroke of good luck

the reason why i started this writing business is to make an effort to focus on the good things that happen. sometimes i tend to forget them and just get bogged down in boring or crappy stuff. i decided late on sunday night that i had my first post!

sunday afternoon was spent with the boy and about 10,000 other people in a park on the shore of lake burley griffen at a open air concert given by the cat empire. it was a great concert. lots of dancing and grooving as the sun went down. i really enjoyed the fact that it was an all ages affair - so many kids were grooving with their parents amongst the crowd. little kids on their dads shoulders singing along to 'hello hello' was a beautfiful site to see. we sang along and danced about until the encore had ended and it was time to go home. of course being that hyped up we weren't quite ready to go home so we went for a walk through the city - the long way around back to the car. passing the convention centre we realised that another great australian musician was performing - a huge favourite of the boy's - kasey chambers. so we settled outside on a step for a bit of a listen when 2 passers by offered us their tickets - it seems like they only went for the support act. so we got to see kasey chambers and the cat empire in one night. we missed only her first song.

good things do happen!

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