making sunday

i've been busy this weekend doing some creating. i have a painting underway and also have been trying to make some cuffs out of japanese quilting fabric. i saw 2 beautiful cuffs in a manuka shop during the week and am all inspired. one was a beautiful japanese fabric - orange chrysanthimums and the second was an amazing hat brim from a navy uniform. so creative.

the cuffs are still in need of design work - they are a bit bulgy and wonky.

its a hot sunday here in canberra. the cats are flat out - tansi on the couch beside me and raven is standing in front of the tv looking hot and bothered. we are supposed to be expecting a storm this afternoon - here's hoping. actually as i write this the brightness has just gone from the room, there is an obvious drop in the temperature...


lotusgreen said...

cool cuff! you seem really talented!

t-da said...

thanks for commenting on my doll'

your cuff looks cool, ive never seen anyone wearing them, i would love to see them on.

good luck with your move!!!